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Boilers and Heaters

​A boiler is an equipment unit that uses a fuel source (e.g. natural gas, propane, or oil) to produce hot water or steam.  Boilers are used for heating water, space heating, and steam generation. Process heaters and steam generators are included under boiler equipment units.

Boilers do not include dryers in which the material being dried is in direct contact with the products of combustion (e.g. cement or lime kilns, glass melting furnaces, or smelters). Please see Drying Ovens.

What Needs a Permit?

  • Boilers, process heaters and steam generators with a rated heat input capacity of 1 million British Thermal Unit (BTU) per hour or greater.

  • Boilers, process heaters and steam generators of any size, that are not fired exclusively on natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, or any combination thereof.

  • Boilers, process heaters and steam generators that are used in hte same process or connected to the same header and have a combined rated heat input capacity of 1 million BTU per hour or greater.

Additional Permitting Information

  • Each boiler, process heater or steam generator will be permitted individually if rated at 1 million BTU per hour or greater.  
  • Any boiler, process heater or steam generator rated at 1 million BTU per hour or greater must be source tested after install. Units rated less than 5 million BTU per hour may test using a portable NOx analyzer instead of undergoing a full source test.
  • Regardless of the aggregate heat input, individual boilers or water heaters rated at under 1 million BTU per hour are subject to Rule 414.

Complete Permit Application

A complete permit application must include the forms listed below. To begin, please read the application instructions Application Instructions - B100.

G100 - General Application Form

G101 - General Information

B100 - Boiler Summary

HRA100 - Health Risk Assessment

Permit Application Fees

All permit fee are based on District Rule 301

For new equipment, please use Schedule 2  in the Permit Fee Schedule  to determine your initial application fee. For questions regarding the application fee, please email  or call (916) 874-4800. 

Application may be submitted by one of the following options:

  • via email at

  • via mail to SMAQMD, 777 12th Street 3rd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814

  • in person at SMAQMD, 777 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 (document drop box available outside Suite 300)

All applications must be submitted with the appropriate fee in order to be accepted. Application fees may be paid with a check or credit/debit card. If you submit your application separately from the fee, please make sure to inform the District by calling (916) 874-4800 or emailing at

To contact Permitting staff please call (916) 874-4800 or email


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