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The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District is a leader in helping schools reduce air pollution in the Greater Sacramento Area by using zero-emission school buses and technology in our communities.  The replacement of high-polluting diesel buses with new zero-emission school buses greatly reduces childrens exposure to transportation related air pollution. It also helps school districts with cost savings on fuel, regular maintenance and repairs.  The Sac Metro Air District is committed to regional projects and partnerships to create clean air and a low-carbon future for everyone. 


Programs & Information


2019 School Bus Solicitation


The solicitation will run from October 15th to December 20, 2019. The current solicitation has $5 million in incentive funds available to replace combustion engine school buses with zero-emission school buses.  Sacramento County School Districts are eligible for one free electric bus (estimated up to $465,000 combined funding), as well as funding to assist with the purchase of additional EV school buses.  We also have $600,000 that will be contracted to replace high-polluting, long-range, field trip buses with new school buses built with ultra-low NOx engines.  See presentation for more information.   


School DistrictSMAQMD ContactEmailPhone
ArchoeMegan (916) 874-2636
CenterMegan (916) 874-2636
Dry CreekRyan (916) 874-6356
Elk GroveHeather (916) 874-4889
ElvertaRyan (916) 874-6356
Folsom CordovaRyan (916) 874-6356
GaltMegan (916) 874-2636
NatomasMegan (916) 874-2636
RoblaRyan (916) 874-6356
Sac CityRyan (916) 874-6356
San JuanHeather (916) 874-4889
Twin RiversRyan (916) 874-6356
WashingtonHeather (916) 874-4889


 How to Apply:

To apply online, please click on the "Online Application" button below.  We recommend using the Chrome internet browser to complete the online application. To submit a paper application, please click on the S1-Program Application link in the Documents/Forms column below.

Online Application

 Note: Please attach to the Online Application and/or send in the additional information listed on the

 Applicant Checklist

Applicant Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What time on the 20th of December are applications due?

Applications must be received by close of business December 20th @ 5pm.

  • I see that there is stacking allowed with the HVIP and Carl Moyer programs, is stacking allowed with any relevant programs?

Stacking HVIP with Moyer was allowed under the previous funding guidelines.  It is no longer available per the current HVIP guidelines.  HVIP waitlist vouchers will be honored.

  • Are there specific purchasing order and deployment requirements for how soon after awardees are notified?

An executed contract allows 180 days to order and put into use the new equipment.

  • Are there any reporting requirements for awardees?

Our contract requires annual usage reports.

  • All the tiers of the program list a "Salvage" requirement, is that the same as to say the old bus must be scrapped?

Yes, salvage is required by the funding guidelines.

  • Is the total fund $5 million or $5.6 million (to include the $600,000 for Low-NOx funding)

The current solicitation offers a total of up to $5.0 million for electric buses and up to $600,000 for ultra-low NOx buses.

  • Is there a max amount of funding or buses an applicant can apply for? I see that Tier 3 limit is two buses, and I assume the limit for Tier 1 is one.

School district applications are not limited.  All applications will be processed and ranked according to guideline requirements.  Funding per applicant may be limited.

  • I am a little confused as to how much funding there is for an individual bus in each Tier, for example the PowerPoint states Tier 2 vehicles have $70,000$ in funding, but also up to $180,000? If you could clarify how much each Tier would receive per school bus from only this fund that would be very helpful.

Our current solicitation for Tier 2 will allow up to $180,000 in incentive funding based on cost-effectiveness calculations.  The resulting cost share to the applicant will vary greatly based on their vehicle quotes and other sources of funding.

  • Is leasing eligible under this solicitation?



Partnership Funds

    • Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) - Waitlist is in effect / Additional funds anticipated to be available by January 2020 

HVIP provides voucher incentive fund for the vehicle and associated infrastructure costs at the time of purchase.  Further information on this program is available at  

    • VW Mitigation Funds – OPEN

$130 Million dollars in funding is available to replace older transit, school and shuttle buses with new battery-electric or fuel-cell buses.  The funding is tentatively scheduled to be released October 21, 2019 and will be administered on a first come/first serve basis. Further information on this program is available at .  This program is expected to have a required cost share. 

    • 2019 School Bus Rebate Program - OPEN

 Approximately $10 million in Diesel Emissions Reduction Act funding is available to assist in replacing old diesel school buses with new school buses meeting the cleanest emission standards. For a summary of eligibility and important dates, please view this associated flyer (PDF) or visit EPA's School Bus Rebates: Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) website  Applications from September 30th to October 30, 2019. 



Status: Open




 Documents / Forms


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