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​The Administrative Services Division provides support to the Offices of the Executive Director and District Counsel, as well as to the other operating divisions. Primary functions include accounting, budgeting and fiscal oversight, contract administration, human resource management, customer service, public information requests, and asset management for facilities, fleet and computer / telecommunication systems.

​The Transportation & Climate Change Division is comprised of the Climate Change, Land Use and Mobile Sources programs. Primary functions include land use and transportation planning and project review, participation in regional climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts and facilitation of incentive programs to reduce emissions from on-road and off-road mobile sources.

​The Program Coordination Division is comprised of the planning, rule development, emission inventory, air monitoring and emission reduction credit programs. Primary functions include plan and rule development to ensure compliance with state and federal air quality standards,   monitoring and tracking of specific air pollutants to assess progress, and management or the emission reduction credit (ERC) bank.

​The Stationary Source Division is comprised of the permitting and enforcement programs, designated to ensure compliance with federal, state and local Sac Metro Air District rules and regulations. Primary functions include evaluating and processing permit applications, including local permits and federal Title V permits, conducting compliance inspections including stationary sources of air pollution, portable equipment and asbestos renovation and demolition projects, providing businesses with compliance assistance and managing violations and penalties through the Mutual Settlement Program.

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