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​Upcoming Meetings and Workshops


February 26, 2019:  The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (Sac Metro Air District) will host the third in a series of Air Quality Steering Committee public meetings for the South Sacramento – Florin Community. The steering committee will help the Sac Metro Air District develop a plan to monitor and improve air quality in the South Sacramento – Florin community. This meeting, held at the date, time and located listed, is open to the public.

The agenda(pdf) for the steering committee meeting will include the following topics:
Follow-up discussion on community boundary;
An overview of the importance of air monitoring; 
Discuss and prioritize the air quality issues for the community; and
Develop the general monitoring objectives for the community.

La agenda(pdf) para la reunión del Comité incluirá los siguientes temas:

• Discusión de seguimiento con respecto al límite de la comunidad;
• Una visión general de la importancia del monitoreo del aire;
• Discusión y priorización sobre los problemas de calidad del aire para la comunidad; y
• Desarrollar los objetivos generales de monitoreo para la comunidad.

You may provide feedback and ask questions about Community Air Monitoring by emailing

Previous Meetings and Workshops


  • Community input and engagement is vital to the success of the program. The District attended numerous public meetings to discuss the community identification for the community monitoring and/or community emission reduction program to shape its final community identification recommendations. District staff continues to engage the public on investment priorities.
You may provide feedback and ask questions about Community Air Monitoring by emailing
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