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AB 617 Incentives

Cars, trucks, buses, trains, off-road equipment and other mobile sources produce the majority of the air pollution and toxic contaminants in Sacramento County. However, the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (Sac Metro Air District or District) does not have direct authority to regulate mobile sources of air pollution. The state and federal governments set various rules intended to reduce emissions from vehicles.

Sac Metro Air District is heavily involved in efforts to reduce local vehicle emissions through various incentive programs, particularly the successful and long-standing Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program. Past incentives have included the modernization of transit buses, local school bus fleets, heavy-duty trucks, locomotives, construction equipment and farm tractors. Future investments in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure such as electric vehicle charging stations and piloting innovative zero-emission programs like Our Community CarShare Sacramento will compliment past efforts to further reduce emissions.

The District has identified projects and strategies to further reduce emissions using funds available through existing revenue streams as well as California Cap-and-Trade dollars. Reducing pollution in communities most heavily impacted, as determined by AB 617 and the California Air Resources Board (CARB), will remain a priority.

The state Legislature also adopted AB 134 to fund community air quality projects, specifically clean vehicle and ports investments. As a result, CARB allocated $250 million to California’s air districts in 2017-18 to support early actions in deploying cleaner technologies in impacted communities. The Sac Metro Air District has been allocated $3 million for the 2017-18 budget cycle to implement projects pursuant to the Carl Moyer Program.

The District is developing potential projects using this funding to provide critical near-term emission and exposure reductions. The District is also advocating at the CARB and legislative levels for additional funding in future budget cycles to ensure cleaner technologies for communities in Sacramento County especially burdened by air pollution.

Projects and strategies funded through this effort will continue to be refined through community workshops and stakeholder outreach.

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