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Compliance Advisories

The Sac Metro Air District routinely issues compliance advisories to make industry  aware of new or changing regulations.  This page contains a library of all published advisories. In addition to these advisories, the State of California Air Resources Board routinely issues advisories. These advisories are available on their website (Link).



20-02 COVID-19 20-02 COVID-19.pdf20-02 COVID-19Advisories
20-01 GDF Card Reader Modifications 20-01 GDF Card Reader Modifications.pdf20-01 GDF Card Reader ModificationsAdvisories
19-06 Air Monitoring in Community 19-06 Air Monitoring in Community.pdf19-06 Air Monitoring in CommunityAdvisories
19-05 CTR 19-05 CTR.pdf19-05 CTRAdvisories
19-04 Portable Engine ATCM Deadlines 19-04 Portable Engine ATCM Deadlines.pdf19-04 Portable Engine ATCM DeadlinesAdvisories
19-03 CTR Advisory 19-03 CTR.pdf19-03 CTR AdvisoryAdvisories
19-02 AB617 Advisory 19-02 AB617.pdf19-02 AB617 AdvisoryAdvisories
19-01 Cannabis Manufacturing Advisory 19-01 Cannabis Manufacturing.pdf19-01 Cannabis Manufacturing AdvisoryAdvisories
18-02 oil and gas 18-02 oil and gas.pdf18-02 oil and gasAdvisories
18-01 Oil and Gas Operations Permitting Advisory 18-01 Oil and Gas Operations Permitting Advisory.pdf18-01 Oil and Gas Operations Permitting AdvisoryAdvisories
17-02 oil and gas 17-02 oil and gas.pdf17-02 oil and gasAdvisories
17-01 Pressure Differential Requirements 17-01 Pressure Differential Requirement.pdf17-01 Pressure Differential RequirementsAdvisories
16-02 Asbestos in Concrete 16-02 Asbestos in Concrete 16-02.pdf16-02 Asbestos in ConcreteAdvisories
14-03 EVR testing submittal 14-03 EVR testing submittal.pdf14-03 EVR testing submittalAdvisories
14-02 Agricultural Engines 14-02 Tier 4 Ag Engines.pdf14-02 Agricultural EnginesAdvisories
13-02 Phase I EVR 13-02 Phase I EVR.pdf13-02 Phase I EVRAdvisories
12-02 Phase I valve replacement 12-02 phase I valve replacement.pdf12-02 Phase I valve replacementAdvisories
12-01 NOx emission limits for new boilers 12-01 Rule 202 and 411.pdf12-01 NOx emission limits for new boilersAdvisories
11-06 Auto Coating Rule Amendements 11-06 Rule 459 amendments.pdf11-06 Auto Coating Rule AmendementsAdvisories
11-04 Phase out of Permitted Tier 0 Engines 11-04 Phase Out of Permitted Tier 0 Engines.pdf11-04 Phase out of Permitted Tier 0 EnginesAdvisories
11-02 Wood Burning Appliances 11-02 rule 417 wood burning appliance advisory (2nd).pdf11-02 Wood Burning AppliancesAdvisories
11-01 Water Heaters 11-01 Rule 414 water heaters.pdf11-01 Water HeatersAdvisories
10-14 CARB AST Advisory 10-14 CARB AST.pdf10-14 CARB AST AdvisoryAdvisories
10-03 Asbestos Survey 10-03 asbestos survey.pdf10-03 Asbestos SurveyAdvisories
10-02 Solvent Cleaning Requirements 10-02 Solvent Cleaning.pdf10-02 Solvent Cleaning RequirementsAdvisories
10-01 Overpressure alarms 10-01 GDF overpressure.pdf10-01 Overpressure alarmsAdvisories
09-05 Graphic Arts 09-05 graphic arts.pdf09-05 Graphic ArtsAdvisories
09-02 Automotive Coatings NESHAP Changes 09-02 AutoBody NESHAPPermit.pdf09-02 Automotive Coatings NESHAP ChangesAdvisories
08-04 Agricultural Engine Requirements 08-04 ag engine advisory revised.pdf08-04 Agricultural Engine RequirementsAdvisories
08-01 GDF EVR Phase II 08-01-02 EVR Phase II revised.pdf08-01 GDF EVR Phase IIAdvisories
06-05 Car Wash Evaporators 06-05 Car Wash Evaporators.pdf06-05 Car Wash EvaporatorsAdvisories
06-03 Construction Projects in Folsom 06-03-03 NOA eastern sac.pdf06-03 Construction Projects in FolsomAdvisories
06-02 Grocery Store IC Engines 06-02 Grocery Store Engines.pdf06-02 Grocery Store IC EnginesAdvisories
04-05 NOA in Folsom 04-05 NOA FOLSOM rev.pdf 04-05 NOA in FolsomAdvisories
04-01 201 School Districts PO Requirements 04-01 201 school districts po req.pdf 04-01 201 School Districts PO RequirementsAdvisories

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