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Carl Moyer Program

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STATUS: Application Period for the Carl Moyer Program will open November 1, 2022.  

The Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program (Carl Moyer Program) was established in 1998 to fund the incremental cost of cleaner-than-required heavy-duty engines. This program is named in honor of the late Dr. Carl Moyer, whose extraordinary dedication, hard work, vision, and leadership made this program possible. He created and masterminded this program, in a noble effort to unite business and government in the name of public interest to improve California's air quality.

The Sac Metro Air District receives funding from the ARB annually to implement the Carl Moyer Program. Air districts are required to fund projects according to the Carl Moyer Program guidelines, but they can also implement local restrictions suited to community needs. For this solicitation, the Sac Metro Air District has the following local restrictions:

  1. Applicants must have a physical address within Sacramento County.

  2. Funding is not available to purchase diesel on road heavy duty vehicles.

  3. Funding is not available for leased vehicles or equipment.

  4. The Sac Metro Air District must be listed as a lien holder on vehicle replacement projects through the contract term.

  5. Heavy duty vehicle replacement projects must have a 2010-2017 model year diesel engine or any engine for non-diesel engines in the baseline vehicle.

  6. Combustion school bus projects are capped at 50% funding for replacement buses with 0.05 g/bhp-hr NOx engines or cleaner. School districts cannot replace more than 15% of their total school bus fleet with vehicles that directly emit NOx .

  7. Agricultural funding is only available for Sacramento County based projects.

  8. Funding determinations are based on usage within the Sacramento Federal Nonattainment Area for ozone except for zero emission replacements which use total California usage.

  9. Repower and retrofit applications will only be accepted for locomotives.

  10. The Sac Metro Air District will not fund Light-Duty Vehicles, or Lawn and Garden Equipment Replacement under this application period. Future periods may include other options.

  11. Applicants are required to deliver old equipment to Bar None Auctions in Sacramento – or another designated dismantler – to participate in this solicitation.

Subject to the local restrictions shown above, the Sac Metro Air District will accept applications for all projects described in the 2017 Revisions to the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines, including the 2022 updates. Selection and review of the applications is described in the Project Selection and Funding section of this document.

Please ensure that your application includes the following documents scanned into PDF format to attach to your online application:

  1. Completed Online Incentive Application

  2. Vendor Payee Data Record W9 and ACH Forms with Cancelled Check or Bank Letter

  3. For On-Road Projects:

    1. Certificate of Compliance from California Air Resources Board (CARB) TRUCRS Database

    2. Copy of Current DMV Vehicle Registration for each vehicle

    3. Copy of Old Vehicle Title for each vehicle

    4. DMV Vehicle Registration Information Record for each vehicle

    5. Mileage Record showing the current odometer reading for each vehicle

    6. Mileage Record showing the odometer reading from at least six (6) months ago for each vehicle

    7. Copy of Vehicle Insurance Cards for the previous 24 months for each vehicle

    8. Photograph of the manufacturer's tag found in the door jamb of the truck showing VIN and GVWR for each vehicle

    9. Photograph of the current odometer reading for each vehicle

  4. For Off-Road Projects:

    1. Certificate of Compliance from California Air Resources Board (CARB) DOORS Database or evidence that it is not applicable

    2. Maintenance Records for off-road equipment showing service intervals and hour meter readings

    3. Photograph of the current operational hour meter reading per existing equipment

  5. For Low Carbon Fueling Infrastructure Projects:

    1. Proof of Location Ownership or Lease

    2. Rule 16 Application and Quote from Electric Utility

    3. Timeline and Description of Permits and Local Agency Approvals for the Project

    4. Site Design Documents

    5. Description of the Fueling Infrastructure

    6. Description of Equipment that will use the Infrastructure and Anticipated Use

  6. Cost Quote and Specifications for New Equipment

Current Grant Solicitation

Status: Closed




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