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Community Air Protection Program Incentives

The state Legislature set aside funds for air quality improvement projects to accompany AB 617 Community Air Monitoring efforts. This funding is being implemented through the Community Air Protection (CAP) Incentive Program, which is a separate, but a counterpart effort to the AB 617 Community Air Protection Blue Print and designated AB617 South Sacramento/Florin Air Monitoring Community

The Sac Metro Air District has received a total of $16 Million for the Community Air Protection Incentive program. The first year(2018-2019), expanded the District's current Carl Moyer Program and the Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program. Both these programs help public agencies and businesses purchase less polluting heavy duty engines and equipment, such as, trucks, buses, trains, off-road equipment and zero-emission charging stations.  For the  second year(2019-2020), the Community Air Protection Guidelines allowed incentives for projects that reduce air pollution at  hexavalent chromium plating facilities and schoolsFor this next year, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is working to include more  project type options for stationary air pollution sources and guidelines for Community Emission Reduction Program (CERP) projects. 





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