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Wildfire Smoke Information

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EPA AirNow Fire & Smoke Map

The EPA Fire & Smoke Map displays the most current and comprehensive information on wildfires, smoke and air quality -- all in one map. You'll see air quality readings from around the region from both regulatory air monitoring stations and the most accurate readings from crowd-sourced, portable air quality sensors.

Click here to see a video that reviews all the useful features found on the Fire & Smoke Map.

Current Conditions 

  • Currently, Sacramento County is not experiencing impacts from wildfire smoke. When impacts are expected, this site will be updated with the latest information and forecasts

Effects of Wildfire Smoke

Wildfires are now a regular occurrence in California and can happen at any time of the year. Smoke from these wildfires often impacts the Sacramento Region.  The amount of smoke and which areas are impacted is largely dependent on wind direction and can change throughout the day. Smoke is unhealthy to breathe. If you smell smoke, you are advised to remove yourself from the area or go indoors. For more information on the health effects of wildfire smoke, visit the CDC website.

From the Spare The Air website

Wildfire Smoke Information and PM 2.5 Monitor Map

The PM 2.5 Monitor Map is activated on when a wildfire smoke episode is anticipated or occurs. This map provides EPA's NowCast PM 2.5 levels at all regional monitors, including any temporary monitors placed and brought online by Sac Metro Air District, another air district or CARB.

Real-time Air Quality Readings

Real-time air quality readings are derived using EPA's NowCast algorithm, which uses longer averages during periods of stable air quality and shorter averages when air quality is changing rapidly, such as during a fire. NowCast allows current conditions maps to align more closely with what people are actually seeing or experiencing.

Free Air Quality Mobile App

Choose a link below to download the free Sacramento Region Air Quality app. The app displays EPA's NowCast for each monitoring site in the Sacramento Region. Push notifications for wildfire smoke alerts are also available through the app.

Actions to Take During Wildfire Smoke Events

Actions for Schools, Businesses and Public Agencies

If you are a school, business or public agency follow the 5-Step Plan along with the Air Quality Action Charts below to help you make decisions that will help keep students, employees and residents as safe as possible during smoky days.

FOR SCHOOLS, BUSINESSES and PUBLIC AGENCIES: 5 Steps to Take During a Wildfire Smoke Event

FOR SCHOOLS:  Air Quality Action Chart

FOR BUSINESSES:  Air Quality Action Chart (Coming Soon)

FOR PUBILC AGENCIES:  Air Quality Action Chart (Coming Soon)