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Criteria & Toxics Reporting (CTR)

​Current Regulation

Under the currently adopted California Air Resources Board's Regulation for the Reporting of Criteria Air Pollutants and Toxic Air Contaminants​ (LINK) certain permitted business in the Sac Metro Air District are required to report their criteria emissions as well as their air toxic emissions annually to the District or the State.  The current regulation applies to following three types of facilities that have a District Permit:

    • Facilities that already report to the State's Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting (MRR)

    • Facilities permitted with Sac Metro Air District to emit greater than 250 tons per year of certain pollutants

    • Facilities with elevated toxics

These facilities are required to begin reporting existing criteria and toxic information in 2020 and may be required to report new information in 2021.  Sac Metro Air District will be working directly with these businesses to facilitate reporting of information, understanding of new information required and consolidation of reporting requirements.

​Proposed Changes to the Existing CTR

​The California Air Resources Board is currently in process of changing the CTR through a public rule-making process. More information is available on CARB's website ​ (LINK)

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