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​Executive Office

Department/Services​  ​Name​Title​Phone Number​Email (
​  Alberto Ayala​Air Pollution Control Officer / Executive Director​916-874-4802aayala
Climate Change
Shelley Jiang​Air Quality Planner/Analyst​916-874-4885​sjiang


​Legal Counsel

Kathrine Pittard​District Counsel​916-874-4807​kpittard
​Virginia MullerLegal Assistant/ Hearing Board Clerk​916-874-4809​vmuller



Manager Jamille Moens ​Division Manager ​916-874-4820 ​jmoens
​​Fiscal Services and Contracts
Eva Forberger ​​District Controller ​916-874-4823 ​eforberger
Agnes Trinh-Ly ​​Financial Analyst ​916- 874-2410 ​atrinh-ly
May Saeteurn ​Fiscal Assistant ​916-874-4824 ​​msaeteurn
Pamela Rader ​​Senior Accountant ​916-874-3971 ​prader
Sandy Rosemont ​​Administrative Specialist ​​916-874-4828 ​srosemont
Veronica Ruvalcaba ​Contracts ​​916-874-4830 vruvalcaba
Administrative Services, Clerk of the Board, Fleet, Facilities  & Human Resources ​ ​
Manager ​Patrick Smith ​Program Manager ​916- 874-4808 ​psmith
Administrative Services
​Salina Martinez Administrative Supervisor / Clerk of the Board ​916-874-4986 ​smartinez
Daena Carter ​Office Assistant
​Elena Torres ​Office Assistant ​916-874-4829 ​etorres
Human Resources
Lauren Neves ​Human Resources Officer ​916-874-4827 ​lneves
​Olga Aleman-Castillon ​Human Resources Technician ​916-874-4825 ​oaleman

​Communications / Land Use / Mobile Sources

​Manager Tim Taylor ​Division Manager ​916-874-4814 ​ttaylor

Jamie Arno ​Program Supervisor ​916-874-4812 ​jarno
Lori Kobza ​Communications and Marketing Specialist ​916-874-4811 ​lkobza
Tom Hall Communications and Marketing Specialist ​916-874-4810 ​thall
​Gina O'Neal
Air Quality Planner Analyst ​916-874-4891​goneal
Land Use and Transportation
Paul Philley Program Supervisor, CEQA and Land Use ​916-874-4882 ​pphilley
Teri Duarte ​Land Use and Health Planner ​916-874-4816 ​tduarte
Rachel DuBose Air Quality Planner Analyst ​916-874-4876 ​rdubose
Joseph J. Hurley Bike Share 916-874-2694 ​jhurley
Karen Huss Air Quality Planner Analyst ​916-874-4881 khuss
Joanne Chan Air Quality Planner Analyst ​​916-874-6267 ​jchan
Molly Wright Rancho Cordova ​916-874-4207 ​mwright
Mobile Sources, Field Operations and Vehicle and Technolgy ​ ​
Jaime Lemus ​​Program Manager ​​916-874-2911 ​​jlemus
​Field Operations
​Cindy Mahon ​Air Quality Specialist ​916-874-6390 ​cmahon
Jose Lerma ​Air Quality Specialist ​916-874-4866 ​jlerma
Ryan Nowshiravan Air Quality Specialist ​916-874-6356 rnowshiravan
Ashley Reynolds ​Air Quality Specialist ​916-874-6289


Vehicle and Engine Technology
Mike Neuenburg ​Program Supervisor ​916-874-1676 ​mneuenburg

Gary Bailey ​Air Quality Engineer ​916-874-4893 ​gbailey
Steffani charkiewicz ​Air Quality Engineer ​916-874-6361 ​scharkiewicz
Kristian Damkier ​Air Quality Engineer ​916-874-4892 ​kdamkier
Pat Robinson ​Air Quality Engineer ​916-874-6276 ​probinson
Kevin Robison ​Air Quality Engineer ​916-875-0325 ​krobison
Heather Taylor ​Air Quality Engineer ​916-874-4889 ​htaylor


​Program Coordination

​Manager ​Mark Loutzenhiser ​Division Manager ​916-874-4872 ​mloutzenhiser
Air Monitoring, Emission Reduction Credits & Rule Development
Janice Lam Synder ​Program Manager ​916-874-4835 ​jlam
​​Air Monitoring

​Levi Ford ​Program Supervisor ​916-874-4868
Stephen D'Andrea ​Statistician ​916-874-4839 ​sdandrea
John Furtado ​Air Quality Instrument Specialist ​916-874-1633 ​jfurtado
​Jaspreet Gosal ​Air Quality Instrument Specialist ​916-874-4841 ​jgosal
Danny Kam Data Management ​916-874-4738 ​dkam
​Ken Lashbrook Data Management ​916-874-4840 ​klashbrook
Rudy Paez ​Air Quality Instrument Specialist ​916-874-4836 ​rpaez
Frank Wulff ​Air Quality Specialist ​916-874-4842 ​fwulff
Emission Reduction Credits ​ ​
​Ali Mohamad ​Air Quality Engineer ​916-874-4850 ​amohamad
Rule Development
​​ Kevin J. Williams ​Program Supervisor ​​916-874-4851 ​​kjwilliams
Marc Cooley Rules, ERCs ​916-874-4846 ​​mcooley
Planning & Emissions Inventory 

David Yang Program Supervisor 916-874-4847 dyang
Steven Lau ​Air Quality Planner/Analyst ​916-874-4834 ​slau
​Rich Muzzy ​Air Quality Planner/Analyst 916-874-1164 ​rmuzzy
Emissions Inventory ​
Hao Quinn ​Air Quality Engineer ​916-874-4837 ​hquinn
Karen Taylor ​Air Quality Engineer ​916-874-4099 ​ktaylor

​Stationary Sources

Manager​Amy Roberts​Division Manager​916-874-6354​aroberts
Field Operations
​John Angi​Program Supervisor​916-874-1326​jangi
Daniel Noakes​​Air Quality Specialist​916-874-7493​dnoakes
Jeff Yang​​Air Quality Specialist​916-874-4550​jyang
James Espiritu​Air Quality Specialist​916-874-2692​​jespiritu
Harry Radke​Air Quality Specialist​916-874-4871​hradke
​Darrell Singleton​Program Supervisor​916-874-4870​dsingleton
​Cheryl Davis​​Air Quality Specialist​916-874-1609​​cdavis
Tom Kanemoto​​​Air Quality Specialist​916-874-4875​​tkanemoto
Chris Loscher​​​Air Quality Specialist916-874-4873​​​closcher
​Angela Thompson​​​​Program Supervisor​916-874-4826​​athompson
Don Dumaine​​​Air Quality Specialist​​916-874-2693​​ddumaine
Victoria Pena​Air Quality Specialist​916-874-4848​​vpena
Genesis Rivas​Air Quality Specialist916-874-1051​​grivas
Compliance Assistance ​ ​
​​Teresa Posey​Air Quality Specialist​916-874-1706​​tjones-posey
Jorge DeGuzman​Program Manager​916-874-4860​jdeguzman
​Brian Krebs​Program Supervisor​916-874-4856​bkrebs
​Isam Boulad​Air Quality Engineer​916-874-4859​iboulad
​Michelle Joe​Air Quality Engineer​916-874-4853​mjoe
Steve Mosunic​Air Quality Engineer​916-874-4874​smosunic
Venk Reddy​Air Quality Engineer​916-874-4861​vreddy
Ali Othman​Program Supervisor​916-874-4857​aothman
​Matthew Baldwin​Air Quality Engineer​916-874-4858​mbaldwin
Joe Carle​Air Quality Engineer​916-874-4838​jcarle
Jeffrey Quok​Air Quality Engineer​916-874-4863​jquok
​Felix Trujillo​Air Quality Engineer​916-874-7357​ftrujillo
Jeff Weiss​Air Quality Engineer​916-874-4862​jweiss


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